Another Frontpage! Thank you!

2015-07-13 00:38:55 by DonStracci

Hi there, it's been a while since I've seen one of my paintings hit the frontpage and its always a sweet, heart-warming surprise everytime! Wish you a nice day!3321169_143676206952_IMG_2107crop-ng.jpg

First time in a galerie

2015-07-10 15:50:04 by DonStracci

Hi there very excited to say that after those years of painting some of my work got to have some real-life exposure in a art galerie. If you ever live near Repentigny in Quebec you should drop-by and see this amazing, multi-flavoured little place called Galerie D'Art Vigneault  ;)


Here it goes:

Pardon my english and have a nice day ;)